Welcome to Talking Social Media – training and consultancy from Miranda Bishop.

With state-of-the-art training facilities in the centre of Cardiff, we love being around people and really getting to know what makes them and their businesses tick. Whether it’s increasing your Facebook reach or setting up a Snapchat filter we can advise and teach on any aspect of Social Media Marketing.

Simply Specific About Social

We know what we’re good at, so we don’t spread ourselves around service-offerings that don’t suit our customers or work for their markets. We’ll never ever tempt you in with Social Media and then try and sell you something else. Instead we cultivate brilliant relationships with other agencies, making sure that we collaborate and integrate with them fully for shared clients. This means we can make genuine recommendations (with no back-handers) on subjects from PR, SEO, PPC, or web design and development. It also means that if you run a digital or traditional agency then you can trust us to serve your customers with no hidden agenda.

Having worked in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business markets and platforms, with everything from one-man-bands to global PLCs, we’re confident that we can help you really get the most out of social media in an accessible and human way.

Get to know Miranda

Since the very start of my working life I’ve always been fascinated with why and how people buy. Whilst I’ve mostly been based around Cardiff, I also try to operate internationally a few times a year.

In my early career I spent time state-side from California to Kansas, travelling and working as a Regional Director for an international travel brand. I was trained in public speaking and selling from the stage (as only the American’s can) just outside of LA . Unlike a lot of marketeers then, I began my career sell, sell, selling. I also worked in retail the whole way through my university course at a local camping store: believe it or not, I’m very at home in a pair of wellies. I finished university with a bachelors in English Literature and some unrivalled tent knowledge.

Mixing selling with social came with my first graduate job selling nightlife events to students. As social media really started to explode in the UK we took the business from handing out flyers in student-heavy streets to using Facebook to gather huge followings instead. We cut costs for clients, brought Twitter into our service offering too and my main client ended up hiring me internally. Moving to this venue meant that I could build the social into easily the highest-populated and most-engaged with nightlife brand in the city. I also learnt a great deal about RnB for someone so very au fait with Alanis Morrisette.

Whilst attracting high-profile acts and reality celebs was great for getting our nights trending on Twitter, I felt the travel bug twitching and did my stint in the states before heading back into a LinkedIn marketing role in Caerphilly. With experience in the big 3 of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn it wasn’t long before I set-up Talking Social Media Ltd. I managed to cram in a Post-Graduate certificate too so I’m also a qualified business mentor, specialising in Entrepreneurial Practice from a gendered perspective. I love social yes, but I’m also commercially aware, always bringing your marketing back to your larger business goals.

I always approach training in a very hands-on way as I’m a firm believer that the best way to learn is by doing. I can even hold your hand if needs be right from creating your first Social Media accounts. If you’re already confident in using Social Media frequently then great! We can really hit the ground running with high-level training, measuring optimising and planning creative campaigns together.

Give us a buzz

You don’t need to tweet us to get in touch, we like real people and real life so we’re always up for a natter on the phone. Pick up the blower if you’d like to set-up a free no-obligation initial consultation to see if social really is right for you and your business.

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