Right now it’s really important to start considering paid advertising as a highly useful area of social media marketing. Powered by mind-blowing data insights, Social can allow you to tap into brand new markets, growth areas or just get out to your regular clients to retarget them too.

It’s important first to remember that any Social Media platform looks to provide its users with a quality user experience. When creating a Social Media campaign it’s important to make your branding, copy and images vibrant and visual. Video, in particular, should prove to engage an audience in an immersive experience.

Outsourced Social Media Management

Social Media ads work best when they are bright, colourful, fresh and positive. Ads also perform better when they are not text heavy, or too intensely branded. All ad creatives must be provided and consistent with your brand campaign as a whole. All text copy can be written by us and submitted for approval by you before launch.

We very frequently run campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Instagram is very ‘millennial’ crowd and focuses only on mobile users. However, it’s a very simple helpful bolt-on platform as it is powered through the Facebook ads platform. This means you also don’t necessarily need a company Instagram account to run ads.

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