Our Social Media Consultancy is designed to empower your team. By expanding your skills and improving your confidence around social media we can also help maintain clear guidance and procedure. It is key that all staff are fully aware of the implications of using social media and that there is ample quality control without stifling natural creativity.

Regular Consultancy with an Expert

Social Media ConsultancyOur regular consultancy is designed to provide you with the skills and insights you need to run your own Social Media accounts successfully in order to drive more traffic to your website or get more people in front of you traditionally – by phone, email or in person. Social Media can help you to carve out and display a clear company personality amongst the general public allowing conversations in person to be easier and smoother.

By showing you tried and tested techniques every month for building up your audience , good content creation and organic advertising, we hope to provide an all-round approach that will help you develop your services alongside larger company goals. We’ll also make sure that we integrate the sessions with your general marketing and web presence as closely as possible and communicate with other agencies whenever necessary.


Help to Hire

Most modern businesses are at the point where they are beginning to embrace social media internally instead of outsourcing to an agency. Most businesses or managers also struggle to understand exactly what they should be looking for in their ideal digital marketing candidate. Often there may be a skills or generation gap between employee and employer in this area more so than most other industries. Social Media is one of those areas where businesses just hire someone young and kind of hope for the best. This can be a really expensive mistake or just a total waste of everyone’s time, particularly with interns and work experience candidates.

With extensive knowledge of the sector we can help you put together a job description that will attract the right candidates and get them working hard right from the start. Modern CVs can be hard to decipher and choc full of new digital buzzwords. As part of our package we’ll tell you what you should be looking out for and what you should avoid.

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