Ok guys, hold on to your hats. The big Ig has a brand new look and it’s time to prepare yourselves.

Now let’s be honest. Bloody no-one on the internet seems to like change of any sort when it comes to their iconography. Remember the freakout we all had with Spotify and that green colour? Doesn’t seem such a big deal now does it?

So what’s happening to Facebook’s cool younger sister brand? As the platform gathers more and more traction a few changes have come in slowly. Facebook is now offering Instagram paid advertising through its ad platform for example. Instagram has also started building complimentary subsidiary apps to its main service too, such as Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse to keep your content fresh.

With the gradual introduction of a cleaner, crisper user interface, it makes sense that the original retro brown branding got a bit of an uplift too. Let’s be honest, there’s probably a reason why there were literally no other brown app icons on my iPhone main screen….

Most brands are all gradually changing from 3D looks to flat, clean, simple icons and IG is no exception. As the audience on Instagram gets younger, it is now sitting much better in the cool kids camp, rather than the just the space of the hipster cereal eater.

Take a look at the new branding for yourselves below as well as the statement on the new look. I personally really like the way they showed their creative process – designers, take note, this is a perfect way to show clients how you come up with their designs and brand identities.

So what do we think? Pop me a comment down below to share your thoughts and remember to update your app to see the new version!

All of this sounding like gobbledegook? Drop me a line here if you need to know your Instapics from your tweetdeck!


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